Urbnsurf Recreation Facility in Tullamarine by Pattern Studio

Sydney-based Pattern Studio have completed Urbnsurf recreation facility in Tullamarine VIC, imbuing an artificial wave precinct with an authentic sense of surf culture. Utilising Spanish Wavegarden Cove technology and positioning itself as one of the world’s premier wave pools, Urbnsurf is the first of its kind in Australia, an exciting new addition to the international surfing scene.

Housed in large hangers and stacked shipping containers, the interiors of Urbnsurf recreation facility in Tullamarine were designed to imbue this industrial, city-fringe setting with the spirit of modern surfing, reiterating to park-goers that this precinct is something more than a typical recreation facility.

Reflecting surf culture’s raw, honest, and expressive spirit, the design utilises robust and tactile materiality; opting for simplicity and utility over adornment. The built elements of Urbnsurf recreation facility in Tullamarine are arranged along the pool’s shore; their interiors maximising views outward across the lagoon. Detailing mixes the robust and expressive with the minimal and concealed; blending low-fi and sci-fi aesthetics and ensuring the built elements are durable enough to withstand the high volumes of park visitors. The design utilises inexpensive and readily available materials in response to the project’s modest budget.

Engaged to design the park’s entry experience, retail, change room and amenities, surf rental and academy, Pattern Studio sought to develop a consistent material palette and design language across the various spaces.

“We were working with a team of surfers who were initially a little perplexed as to why two interior designers would need to be involved on the project,” says Lily Goodwin of Pattern Studio. “We hope to have justified our role and achieved an outcome higher in design calibre than a generic sports facility/recreation centre, despite a very modest construction budget.”

The studio has also been engaged by the Park’s food and beverage operator, the Three Blue Ducks, to design their new restaurant opening in Autumn, 2020.

Source: https://www.yellowtrace.com.au/urbnsurf-melbourne-recreation-facility-design-pattern-studio/

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