Melbourne Pretzel Shop Gets Pretty in Millennial Pink

Chapel Street’s newest bakery, Pretzel, has unashamedly painted its entire interior in one millennial-defining colour. It is an exemplary store fit out in Melbourne project.

Teaming up with draftsman Jordan Edwards, Pretzel owner and founder Brittany Garbutt is behind the colour-blocked Melbourne pretzel shop fit out Melbourne, which is clad in the brand’s signature shade.

Garbutt started Pretzel at 23 as a late-night snack stop for nightclub punters in Northbridge, Perth. The baker served up her made-to-order soft pretzels from a converted baby pink shipping container with neon signs.

“Having a single colour maintains a strong sense of brand and continuity, while allowing each store the opportunity to exhibit flicks of ambiguous and unique characteristics,” Garbutt tells ADR.

“I don’t look at my designs as five-year-long investments that need to stand the test of trends and time. We re-invent most of our stores every year with small upgrades and fun things to keep it fresh and innovative.”

The pink paint starts on the exterior of the converted Chapel Street townhouse and continues through the interior, infusing the chairs, tables and faux hotel doors that line the bakery’s walls.

Garbutt says she was inspired by thoughts of what Chapel Street might have looked like originally, pairing the fantasy with a ’70s California motel aesthetic that was continued on from Pretzel’s other CBD store in ELLA, Melbourne Central.

A wall of pretzel-shaped keychains, along with a pink armchair and ottoman in the bakery window, keep with the motel narrative. Such a treatment made the Melbourne pretzel shop a popular destination in the area.

“We work in the lines of what I believe a brick-and-mortar business should be these days,” says Garbutt.

I’m also very lucky to work closely with my draftsman, who is also a young gun. Nothing is ever too much or too crazy for him, so it’s great to have a yin to my design yang!”

Neon lighting, a signature of Pretzel, is used throughout the Chapel Street bakery with pink and yellow downlights, a faux-motel vacancy sign and a pretzel motif adorning the facade.

Pretzel, the Melbourne pretzel shop, isn’t alone in its millennial pink interior, with the shade popping up in bars and eateries all over.

Peaches on Swanston Street used a similar colour to brighten its laneway and rooftop bar recently. While Pinchy’s Lobster and Champagne Bar channelled the shade in its Brandworks-designed city eatery.

Source: https://www.australiandesignreview.com/interiors/melbourne-pretzel-shop-gets-pretty-in-millennial-pink/

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