Here Are Some Interesting Workplace Design Trends For 2021

The year 2020 has significantly shaped the way people work which affected commercial shopfitters in Melbourne. For many companies, working from home is a far-fetched and impossible idea. Now, with the global pandemic, nobody had a choice. Either let employees work from home or risk losing the business for requiring everyone to still be present at work. At the end of the day, nobody saw this coming.

Now that it is 2021, this year is expected to take cues from what happened in the not-so-distant past. Sure, the world is slowly but surely opening up. However, things returning to normal won’t be happening anytime soon. Experts even say that everything will normalize in two years, give or take. Yes, people have to still put up with restrictions left and right for a couple of years more. This, of course, covers workplace dynamics.

Regardless, workplace dynamics have evolved to catch up with the times. 2021 sees a year where different offices adopt new design concepts. Such concepts are geared towards the promotion of a healthy and safe working environment, encouraging collaboration, and providing a space for social interaction (safely, of course). Because of 2020, workplaces are no longer just places for working. It goes way deeper than that now.

Technology takes over the workplace

Before, offices were merely places for working. Have some lighting, decent-looking furniture, and steady internet connectivity and it’s all set. For many years, a good number of workplaces thrived and survived with this setup. At present, technology currently is king when it comes to workplace infrastructure. This is something that commercial shopfitters in Melbourne have adapted to. More than ever, technology plays a significant role in every workplace’s safety and security.

Offices are required to convert to a contactless ID system. This means upgrading facilities to include ID scanners to grant access and check on everyone’s attendance. Thermal scanners are becoming a necessity to beef up health and safety measures even more. Different companies are also upgrading their HVAC systems to ensure the air quality is at its prime day in and out. These and many technologically inclined developments are expected to rule over the workplace this year and the many years to come.

The design promotes a sense of community

Since early 2020, everyone was asked to stay at home. Workplaces were left empty for several months including that office for commercial shopfitters. As days progressed to months, people suffered cabin fever. Everyone wanted to be out again. For many, going to their respective workplaces has been viewed as uneventful. Well, some even dreaded going to work but have no choice so they still do.

This is somehow the reverse nowadays. When the world starts to re-open little by little, employees are more than excited to return to work. Not only does it give them a valid reason to leave home, but it also provides a chance to physically interact with friends and colleagues. Given this, workplace design for 2021 is expected to have more inclination towards hospitality and leisure. Expect to find more nooks for safe interaction complete with highly functional furniture and other office fixtures. Going to work now feels like visiting a café or hotel lobby, perhaps. This is something that we shall see as fitouts in Melbourne.

Residential and commercial in one

Since employees have most likely been working from home for quite some time, offices/workplaces are expected to adopt the “Resimercial” feel. Residential comes from the words Residential and Commercial. This design concept has been present for a couple of years. Before the pandemic, many workplaces have adapted this design to be cutting-edge, innovative, and modern. However, 2020 made this design more of a necessity than an option.

For 2021, expect workplaces to have a more laid-back approach to their design. The presence of ergonomic chairs and couches, socially distanced modern and upbeat-looking office furniture, and more subdued and less-straining lighting are just some workplace updates to be seen. Thanks to commercial shopfitters in Melbourne, this is possible.

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